Donna’s Story 

Donna with her family

My husband (Anthony Bowman) was an ex Police Officer with the Victorian Police. On the 18th of March this year I found him hanging in a tree on our property. Unfortunately, because we were so far away from an ambulance or emergency services, I was asked to cut him out of the tree. He had displayed no symptoms of depression or PTSD to myself, family members, friends or his Doctors.

Tony left behind, myself (his wife), four children and their partners, wives and husbands, three grandchildren, two more due this year, a sister, a brother and many other family members. He also left behind many friends and ex colleagues who attended the home that day.

My aim is to walk 3000kms around Victoria to draw attention to those people left behind after such tragic circumstances. Along the way I will be talking to groups of people, including the Police Officers to try to bring awareness to the life-long damage suicide causes to those left behind.

Donna Training

The funds are to be given to the Victoria Police Mental Health Unit. They have been instrumental in keeping me alive over the past 8 months.

I plan to leave on the 1st anniversary of Tony’s death which is on the 18th of March 2019. I will continue fundraising along the way, which will take approximately 2 months.

These funds are designed to provide the Mental Health Unit with additional staff and resources to help those people who are dealing with the suicide of a loved one.

I have had the privilege of the help of one Psychologist particularly throughout the whole ordeal, and even with her assistance I tried to take my own life. I am OK now but have this dream to make my devastating situation assist others rather than it destroying more lives.

If anyone would like to set up a fund raiser I would be more than happy to have your assistance and am happy to speak at any one of them.

I believe this is an urgent situation that needs attention. Whilst people are committing suicide, the ramifications are ever-lasting and often leads to the”Ripple Effect”. 

I want to do this to save lives and help those who have been left behind, this is for my healing too. It will help me to overcome the trauma by making something good come out of something so tragic.